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Of gratitude and hope

I was just driving home with my windows down and my stereo cranked, with the warm spring air ambracing my arm as I hung it out the window. And I almost cried.

I’m so happy right now.  I’m so thankful for what I have and I’m excited at what my future might hold.  So what brought this on?

A combination of lots of things and the realisation that life really is great right now and I just wanted to share it.

We won the Rugby World Cup.  I was 15 years old when I watched David Kirk (who I had a crush on) hold the William Webb Ellis cup aloft.  And I was privileged to be at Eden Park to watch “our Richie” do the same last week. And thanks to Nick and Nathan for celebrating the day/night with me! You guys rock.

The Christchurch CBD is again alive.  I was excited to be one of the thousands of people who visited the new Cashel Container Mall in the weekend.  What a brilliant job by everyone involved.  I, like many, was a little dubious about the concept of containers for a shopping precinct, but it works and looks amazing.  Continue reading


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Change is good

You live a dynamic life.  The world is constantly moving.  And so you are always faced with change.  Sometimes you control that change, sometimes it is forced upon you, sometimes you can influence it, sometimes you let it take you.

Change can be sad. Because sometimes you lose things you love – people, places, precious things

Change can be frightening.  It takes courage to deal with – and belief in your own strength

Change can be uncertain. The unknown can make you anxious – so turn to others for support

Change can be challenging.  Rise up to meet it – it’s how you grow

Change can be exciting.  Passion is the driver of success – lead with it

Change can be opportunity. It can open up new worlds with new ideas and new ways – the old may not be the best, the new can be different

But regardless, you have to deal with change – it will always happen.  You can’t stop it.  You may be able to stall it for a while, but it is inevitable.

And it is your response to that change that will shape who you are, who you become and what you create around yourself. You can choose to be a victim of change or its master.

Look for inspiration in those around you; in their ideas, their passion, their courage, their love, their support, their strength, their leadership.

And then look inside yourself.

What do you see?

This is your chance to embrace the change and change yourself.  This is your chance to make things better.

Do it now.


** This post was inspired by recent events in my own life, and others close to me, as well as learnings from the recent TEDxEQChch event “Reimagining Christchurch”

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Just Ask For Help #justaskforhelp

How many times have any of the following phrases run through your head? I’m pretty sure there have been times when you’ve thought/felt like at least a couple of the above.  All completely normal responses, I might add.

However, they’re not particularly conducive to achieving anything. So, I urge you to just ask for help.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not talking about getting other people to do what you’re completely capable of because you’re too lazy to do it yourself.

I’m talking about those times when getting assistance, guidance or advice from someone else would actually be a positive and productive thing to do. So, why don’t we ask for help more often?  Lots of reasons.  I have a great reason.  Well, in my mind it was a great reason.

Let me share the story with you.  Sit back and relax. It started with something that happened when I was just five years old.  Just a tiny, wee thing (I’m only 157cm now, so I was tiny at five)  it involved something like this: Except, that’s not EXACTLY it, since it happened over 30 years ago and I never took a photo – but it’s a hole in the ground.  There was some building going on across the road from my house at an empty site.  I’m not sure what for, but there was a big hole in the ground (and no workmen at the time either).  My Mum and Dad told me to stay away from it. Continue reading


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A yarn about new friends and pig-hunting

So, it was a Friday night.  I was at The Twisted Hop having a beer or two with a few of the boys (@richardsd, @nzJayZee and @michaelmurfy) when I spotted a guy standing by himself, checking his phone, looking round and looking a little lost.  I also noticed his fly was down…all the way.  And being the good citizen that I am, I went over and said, in a quiet, discreet voice “Excuse me, but your fly is down”, and he replied in a much less quiet and discreet voice “Oh cheers for that” and fixed the situation.

It turns out he was at his own leaving do, but believed he’d been “stitched up” as no one else was there.  So I invited him to join the boys and I, which he did.  Simon is one of those people who seems to get on with anyone easily, so we all talked like we’d known each other for ages.  And some time after, his friend Jimmy turned up and joined us too.

Now Jimmy is an interesting character.  His talents are many and varied and include “pants related surgery” – adding a new hole to his belt after I pointed out his jeans were riding just a bit too low to be respectable. Cheers Justin for the pic. That’s my Leatherman he’s using, by the way, ‘cos every girl should carry a knife.

He also does a bit of diving – and I have a decent crayfish in my freezer as a result of that.  Jimmy also tells a good story…ask him about the MAF guys related to that crayfish. Oh, and he is also a recreational pig-hunter.

Now, I’ve wanted to go pig-hunting for a while, so when I mentioned this to him, and after witnessing my knife-handling skills, he offered to take me.  And cut a long story short, after a false start the next day – less than 3 hours notice didn’t work for me – Thursday was to be the day.  With a bit of text banter to sort out the details, Thursday 5pm rolled around and we were off. (Warning – there are some graphic images of dead pigs – in case you get squeamish)

Continue reading

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2010 is dead. All hail 2011

OK – so we’re  a week into twenty-eleven already.  Just thought I’d do a quick review of last year. And look forward at the same time.

I was pretty glad to see the back of twenty-ten to be fair.  As I said on my FB status “Looking forward to farewelling 2010. Other than the odd good moment, it was a pretty fucked up year. 2011 is gonna rock!” – several people seemed to agree and the word-on-the-street was many people were thinking along the same lines.

Especially for those of us in the Canterbury area having to contend with “The Big Shake” and it’s aftermath….although it’s still continuing in to 2011 with several decent shakes in the last week. While I got off very lightly in terms of damage, plenty of friends didn’t – both in terms of physical damage to property and mental and emotional damage due to the resulting stress.  I did have problems sleeping – but that was due to the PTSD suffered by my dog, who would stand and whine at the bedroom door every night for several weeks.  But, still I counted myself lucky in the whole scheme of things.  I drove (well passengered) through Kaiapoi the other day…they still have Portaloos in some of the streets.  Four months after.  Sheesh.

Then there was “The Big Breakup”.  The actual breakup wasn’t so bad, in fact it had to happen, needed to happen and should have happened a long time ago.  The actual circumstances were amusing in hindsight – although certainly not at the time for anyone involved. So much of 2010 wasn’t the happiest of my life.  It was the aftermath that sucked – not too dissimilar to the aftershocks really – just not knowing when the next one would hit and what would get damaged.  Even now I need property sold so I’m financial again.  If you know anyone in Auckland who might be interested….please let them know. It’s an awesome place. Moving on. Moving up. Continue reading

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Post tweetup post

I’m currently supervising an exam, and since I’m a woman I can multi-task, and type at the same.  I was a full-time step-mum for 12 or so years, and we all know that mums have special peripheral vision powers – so I can also see if anyone tries to cheat while still looking at my screen.

I just wanted to acknowledge @chiefie – Kelvin – for organising last night’s Tweetup.  It was awesome to meet more of my imaginary Twitter friends (see my previous post on that)

Here’s some of @chiefie’s pics from the day.

And some of @ripvanwrinkles pics

If you took any pics – feel free to link them in a comment.  I’d love to see them!

For those of you who I met for the first time in person last night, who happen to read this – it was a pleasure and I hope we can do it again!

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To all my imaginary friends…

Someone told me recently, quite emphatically, “you can’t make real friends on Twitter”.

I’ve been on Twitter since August 2008, thanks to @audaciousgloop, when he was down here from Auckland presenting to a Marketing Association lunch on Social Media.  I’ve known him in real life for several years, so I guess that doesn’t count, as he pre-dates my Twitter-life.  But since then, I’ve added about 350 or so people I follow and almost 500 people follow me (why they follow me, I have no idea really, but it’s their choice)

And how many of those people are actual friends? I guess that depends on your definition of a friend. But considering the person who made the claim about not making real friends, believes he can call people a “mate” after only talking to them face-to-face for 2 minutes, I guess that’s open to fairly wide interpretation.

So, what is a friend?  For me, it’s someone I have some kind of connection with, something in common, a shared interest…something like that.  And someone I like and trust.

Twitter is an interesting tool for making connections.  That’s how I see it and use it.  It allows me to understand what other people think, what they do and how they connect with other people.  It allows me to control the level of connection. And if I choose to make that connection offline as well, then we don’t have to start from scratch with the basic introductions….we already know stuff about each other.

@Beady_Eye_Anita and I connected online over two years ago.  She’s rugby mad – like me, but even more so! We connected offline after I got asked to take part in a uni project about female rugby fans, and I suggested that she take part too.  And we met for the first time across the table in the Canterbury Uni sociology department, and our friendship grew from there.  And two years later, I consider her a really good friend, my first real Twitter friend. I would never have met her if it weren’t for Twitter.  And my life would be less interesting without her in it.

She’s one of many people I’ve met offline since then.  You may well be one of them.  And if you are – thank you for allowing me into your real world. Thank you for being my real friend.

And here are some of my real Twitter friends….well they look pretty real to me!
(L-R) @redcantab, @richardsd, @nickmackechnie, @petemarcroft, me, @kalena, @nztechtweet

thanks to @kalena for the pic!  And the sofa bed.


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