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Of gratitude and hope

I was just driving home with my windows down and my stereo cranked, with the warm spring air ambracing my arm as I hung it out the window. And I almost cried.

I’m so happy right now.  I’m so thankful for what I have and I’m excited at what my future might hold.  So what brought this on?

A combination of lots of things and the realisation that life really is great right now and I just wanted to share it.

We won the Rugby World Cup.  I was 15 years old when I watched David Kirk (who I had a crush on) hold the William Webb Ellis cup aloft.  And I was privileged to be at Eden Park to watch “our Richie” do the same last week. And thanks to Nick and Nathan for celebrating the day/night with me! You guys rock.

The Christchurch CBD is again alive.  I was excited to be one of the thousands of people who visited the new Cashel Container Mall in the weekend.  What a brilliant job by everyone involved.  I, like many, was a little dubious about the concept of containers for a shopping precinct, but it works and looks amazing.  Continue reading


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Cap’n, we have to change course!

Yes, it’s time for more change.

So, I’ve received the payout from the relationship property split. It’s currently sitting int he bank earning a bit of interest while I decide my next step.

Which is not what I thought it would be.  But that’s the way life goes – roll with it baby!

My landlord has put the house that is currently The Phoenix Nest, my place of work and my cat’s home on the market. Yes, there’s a dirty great For Sale sign out the front.  And if you’re interested, there listing is here.

So, my guess is I’ll be moving on soon.

So that money couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’ve got a conditional loan pre-approved with the bank, just need to get the accountant to provide some accounts to my banker and I should be away….and back into the property ownership market a lot sooner than I thought.

Changing course again.  For the better, again. It’s gonna be fun.

Oh and in 2 weeks time I’ll be in Auckland ready for the RWC 2011 final.

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Selling up my past

In 1996 I became the proud co-owner of my first home.  I’d just turned 24. About the same time I became a full-time step-mum to my partner’s 7-year-old son. And also at the same time, many of my friends from school and university were rarking it up overseas on their OEs.

Actually, the house belonged to my partner and his sister and I bought out her share of the house when she decided to move on.  So most of the stuff in the house wasn’t mine.

And over the ensuing 12 years I put down roots in that house.  Changes were made.  And remade.  The ragrolled paint finish in the lounge that was so “in” during the mid-90’s gave way to more neutral tones.  A whole new level was added on – which a good friend of mine from school was responsible for building during a boom time when builders were hard to pin down.  The gardens were planted and re-planted several times – the last time with the help of a landscape designer even. And a brand spanking new $20K cook’s kitchen was designed and installed.

And Mt Roskill became the new Mt Eden.  As house prices increased closer to town, so did ours.  Just off Dominion Rd, a single stage bus trip to Eden Park (which was our preferred mode of transport to the rugby), in the MRGS school zone, 20 minutes to the airport and 15 minutes to St Lukes shopping centre – it’s ideally located in the heart of suburbia.

And then we moved to Christchurch in 2008 and the house became a rental.

And then 2 months ago it all changed again – and you know the rest.

So – joint property needs to be divided up. The tenants have moved out and the house was today put on the market.

I browsed through the pics of the house on the real estate listing.  And I thought I’d feel some sadness. After all it was my home for 12 years.  But while I put my own touches on it where I could, it never really felt like it was mine.  And so, it’s time to sell the past and continue moving forward.

And so I present to you – 7 Mons Ave, Mt Roskill (aka Three Kings)

The top level is an addition, but built to the same bungalow design as the bottom.

Continue reading

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Be true to yourself – thanks Duchess Swift

I picked up the keys to my new place today – from now it’ll be known as The Phoenix Nest.

As I unlocked the front door and walked into the empty house, a strange  sort of peacefulness swept over me.  That might sound a bit weird, but that’s the only way I can describe it.  It was very calming.

It’s only a rental, but it’s my new home and I’ll be doing what I can to make it “mine” until I decide to buy again.

And that starts by painting the front room, which will be the new massage clinic room.  It’s currently blue.  Kind of like pale swimming pool blue.  Dislike.  The owner is happy for me to paint it Resene “Half Tea” – a rather boring, but very neutral shade.

I’d brought my iPod speakers with me, so I had sounds to paint with.  And before I did anything to the place (other than put beer in the fridge), I played a song I first heard last week, and danced like a mad thing throughout the house. If any of the neighbours saw me through the windows they’ll be worried they’ve got a mad-woman moving in.

The lyrics start:

“You get to
Be yourself and
Lose yourself and
Find yourself
Be true to yourself”

So, given what’s going on in my life, it’s a perfect song to dance to!

It’s by a local band, Duchess Swift – the lead vocalist, Kerry, is a very cool chick.  You can download the song I was dancing to, “Note to Self” for free.  Here’s the vid too, it’s a pretty catchy beat, don’t you think?  Thank you Kerry, for your fabulous music.  It will be played at my housewarming next weekend.

And, yes, the painting is all done.  My friend Lesley came and helped out a bit.

Here’s a before shot.  It was too dark to take a decent shot when I’d finished. I’ll post that up tomorrow, or the next day.

It was very blue.  Like I said, swimming pool blue.  But now it’s not.

I can’t wait til tomorrow. And moving really starts.

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So, I get the keys to the new place tomorrow…

I’m excited.  Fresh start, new beginnings, the chance to refocus and do things my way.

On the other hand, I’m a little sad to be leaving behind 15 years of stuff and memories.  Like I said, they haven’t all been bad.  In fact, I spent a while looking through old photo albums tonight.  Yes, I was supposed to be packing.  And yes, real photos, taken with a film camera.  They had that back in my day.

I was a young and innocent (ahem, *cough*!) 23 year old in the first photo album.  As I browsed through the albums the hairstyles changed dramatically – from shoulder-length, to cropped/boy style, to waist length, wavy, straight, spiky.  The clothing even more so – WTF did I actually go out in some of those get-ups!  (Don’t think photos will be posted up here!)

There were pics of my mum, who passed away in 2003.  I miss her so much too.  And I know she’d be worried about me right now.  In fact, I think she’d probably be here helping me pack.  Wish I’d inherited her focused, methodical approach to packing.  Mine is shit.

Anyway – there were so many photos of the places we’d been, and things we did….although mostly around NZ.  While my friends did their OE’s I was in Auckland, with a partner, step-son, house and moderate mortgage.  But, there were lots of fun times.

I’ll remember the fun times.  It’s much easier than thinking about the not-so-fun times.   And as I looked back through the photo albums I remembered there were actually a lot of fun times, but it’s all been so hazy lately to be honest.  I was actually quite surprised at all the photos of me smiling.    Although photos taken of me very recently also show me smiling…lots.  Or grinning like an idiot 🙂 Continue reading

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I have wheels! And thank you.

Thanks to my friend Hadleigh, I now have a loan vehicle ’til I have the $$ from property sales to buy a new one.  SWEET!

It needs a clean and smells like boy, but at least I’ve now got a choice between four wheels or two. It’s OK scooter, I’m not abandoning you – but seriously, I had to wear jeans & shoes to the gym today as well as my riding jacket/gloves and it was like 100degrees – OK 30deg, but still friggin’ hot.  Walked from the gym to High St for lunch in jeans…had to stop on the way to buy a skirt so I didn’t pass out from heatstroke!

Anyway – so it’s not the luxurious ride offered by the new Mitsi Triton Ute that I actually own half of.  But I’m not complaining, trust me.  I can carry a lot more stuff in the back of this Suby station wagon than my scooter!

I’d also like to take this chance to acknowledge the support of my friends – who have been there for me over the past few weeks and who continue to help me.  You know who you are.  It’s an honour and a privilege to have you as friends – even though some of you I barely knew a few weeks ago.  You are awesome, and if I can ever return the favour, I will.  You can count on me.

OK – better go and do some more packing.

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Packing, packing, packing

Actually, I’m so easily distracted that I’m now writing another post.

But I’ve started packing – just need to get some more boxes tomorrow. I’ve sorted out all the serving platters/bowls/glassware I’m taking.  And which part of the liquor cabinet – all the vodka, the Cointreau (with hot chocolate – you’ve got to try it – divine), Kahlua, Bailey’s, Midori (so I can offer you a “Quick Fuck” – that’s a shot of Midori with Bailey’s floated over it…mmmm) and half the wine.  If you are reading this and travel overseas regularly, please let me know so you can help me top up with duty free – I’ll pay you of course, just need you to get it for me!  I need scotch, tequila, bourbon and rum. I don’t drink it all, just like to have it available for guests.

I’ve already ditched 4 massive rubbish bags of clothes, both from my wardrobe and from boxes in the garage that I kept “just in case” – of what, I’m not so sure.   The Sallies will be happy people.  I think I’ve managed to cull my wardrobe hanging requirements from 3.3m to about 2m  So should be able to get away from just a couple of freestanding racks. Luckily I’m taking BOTH sets of drawers from the bedroom here, so I’ve got plenty of room for the clothes I am keeping/can’t bear to part with.  That means I can probably colour code my t-shirts….light ones in one drawer, dark ones in another.

I now have to sort out power, phone/broadband (or maybe no phone, maybe Naked broadband?), redirect my mail.

Oh – and if anyone has tips on how to get chooks suffering from what I can only assume is PTSD as they stopped laying after the big one, that’d be great.  I’m inheriting 3 chooks from the owner and I want eggs, or I will be making chicken soup.

And if you have anything you can help me with on my list – or know of someone who can….I’d really appreciate it.  I’ve had some fabulous offers so far and have ticked off a few items – gifts, contras and cash…everything helps!

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