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So, I get the keys to the new place tomorrow…

I’m excited.  Fresh start, new beginnings, the chance to refocus and do things my way.

On the other hand, I’m a little sad to be leaving behind 15 years of stuff and memories.  Like I said, they haven’t all been bad.  In fact, I spent a while looking through old photo albums tonight.  Yes, I was supposed to be packing.  And yes, real photos, taken with a film camera.  They had that back in my day.

I was a young and innocent (ahem, *cough*!) 23 year old in the first photo album.  As I browsed through the albums the hairstyles changed dramatically – from shoulder-length, to cropped/boy style, to waist length, wavy, straight, spiky.  The clothing even more so – WTF did I actually go out in some of those get-ups!  (Don’t think photos will be posted up here!)

There were pics of my mum, who passed away in 2003.  I miss her so much too.  And I know she’d be worried about me right now.  In fact, I think she’d probably be here helping me pack.  Wish I’d inherited her focused, methodical approach to packing.  Mine is shit.

Anyway – there were so many photos of the places we’d been, and things we did….although mostly around NZ.  While my friends did their OE’s I was in Auckland, with a partner, step-son, house and moderate mortgage.  But, there were lots of fun times.

I’ll remember the fun times.  It’s much easier than thinking about the not-so-fun times.   And as I looked back through the photo albums I remembered there were actually a lot of fun times, but it’s all been so hazy lately to be honest.  I was actually quite surprised at all the photos of me smiling.    Although photos taken of me very recently also show me smiling…lots.  Or grinning like an idiot 🙂 Continue reading


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