About Me

In the past was a different me – similar, but different. After nearly 8 years of marriage (and almost double that time together) I’ve moved on. It wasn’t bad. And it wasn’t always good.

So, that is the past. And now, here is the new me.

The phoenix rising

New ink - done Friday 5 November 2010 at Otautahi Tattoo

And like the phoenix rising, my new life begins.

Hi, I’m Rachel.  Nice to meet you.

This blog will likely end up a rambling collections of thoughts.  It may go for days or weeks without update, or I could end up blogging every day.  I have no plan really.  And whether you find it interesting or not….is neither here nor there.

So who am I now?

I’m a massage therapist who was once a marketer – actually I’ll never stop being a marketer, I just don’t have the salary that goes with it anymore.  Which I miss sometimes.  But not that often.  Money can buy stuff.  Stuff doesn’t often equal happiness.  But I still teach a marketing course (this is my 10th year!) and will gladly give my two cents worth if asked.  Could even be persuaded to present on it.  I had my own consultancy for a while, specialising in the use of data for marketing….understanding customers, their behaviours and characteristics and how to use that data smarter.

But now I’m mostly a massage therapist.  I do a lot of sports oriented treatment, but also general therapeutic, relaxation and thermal stone massage.

I love being able to get my hands on people and help them learn about their body and what they can do to improve whatever their issue is….whether it be reducing pain or stress, helping improve their running or cycling speed, giving them more freedom with their movement. So, if you want some help – head over to the Bodyworks Massage Therapy website and check me out there…oh and book in while you’re there.  I’m quite good.

I’m also a rugby fanatic.  Actually, to be honest, that’s still pretty much the same as it’s always been.  I was born in Canterbury (well, Ashburton, but Christchurch has always been my Tūrangawaewae) and have been a loyal supporter of Canterbury rugby for most of my life.  I once wore my Crusaders jersey to Eden Park in Auckland – when the Blues played the Sharks – and nearly got in a fight in the pub before the game.

I’ve never actually played the game myself.  I wanted to when I was younger but thought I was too small.  I would have liked to this year, but the arthritis I now having starting in my hip has kind of screwed up those plans too. The closest I’ve gotten is coaching – well assistant coach to the Roskill District Under 12 team…back in about 1999.  They were mostly Pacific Island kids…who were all bigger than me.  Our first-five weighed in at 84kg.  At 12 years old.  I have  a scar on my knee from demonstrating a tackle from behind and landing on the kids sprig.

Follow what you believe inI also got another tattoo about two years ago.  When I resigned from my well-paying job to study full-time.  The Chinese characters translate to “Follow what you believe in” and are as relevant today as they were to me then.

And in case you’re wondering, I did have the characters checked and verified by three didn’t Chinese friends, who all came up with the same or similar translation.

I’m also privileged to have a cat and dog (well the change is now it’s  joint-custody of the dog).

Paulie is a retired greyhound  adopted through the Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) programme and is a beautiful dog who just wants to cuddle…and sleep.  A short run in the park or at the beach and he’ll sleep for the rest of the day.  He was also the pinup dog for the 2009 Simply Grey photo exhibition.

Sahry is an ex-SPCA cat from Auckland.  Tonnes of attitude and is the boss of the dog. She used to to Outreach Pet Therapy in Auckland and had her own (short-lived) modelling career in the SPCA desexing campaign as a sex-offender!  Fortunately it did not scar her psychologically and she is still a v. cool cat!

What else is different?  Maybe not a lot.  But there’s a sense of emotional freedom that I haven’t had for a very long time.  A kind of relief that I don’t have to pretend to be happy any more.  I AM happy.  No pretending.

And I have a new sense of value for the friends I now have.  I once took friendship for granted….but over the past couple of years I’ve met loads of new people (perhaps you are one of them) and feel like I’ve grown so much because of it.  So, to all my friends – thank you.  I appreciate who you are and what you’ve given me.

That’s me for now.  I may update this page as I go.  Or maybe not.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Phyllis

    love your attitude and outlook 🙂 Phyllis x

  2. Kloe

    Hi Rachel,

    Really interested on your peice on “quake weight” I’m a journalist looking into the issue that’s affecting so many people in Chch. I would love you to give me an email – kpalmer@mediaworks.co.nz Cheers, Kloe

  3. nice work…thanks for sharing

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