Of gratitude and hope

I was just driving home with my windows down and my stereo cranked, with the warm spring air ambracing my arm as I hung it out the window. And I almost cried.

I’m so happy right now.  I’m so thankful for what I have and I’m excited at what my future might hold.  So what brought this on?

A combination of lots of things and the realisation that life really is great right now and I just wanted to share it.

We won the Rugby World Cup.  I was 15 years old when I watched David Kirk (who I had a crush on) hold the William Webb Ellis cup aloft.  And I was privileged to be at Eden Park to watch “our Richie” do the same last week. And thanks to Nick and Nathan for celebrating the day/night with me! You guys rock.

The Christchurch CBD is again alive.  I was excited to be one of the thousands of people who visited the new Cashel Container Mall in the weekend.  What a brilliant job by everyone involved.  I, like many, was a little dubious about the concept of containers for a shopping precinct, but it works and looks amazing.  I shall be back to hang out soon.  And spend money.  And if you live outside Christchurch, then I encourage you to come and visit us and spend your money here.  The Christchurch economy needs you! And big ups to Crafted Coffee Co for their awesome cafe!

And before I visited the new mall, there was a tweet-up.  Which was a little amusing, as it was organised by a couple of girls (Amy and Ranjani) who had never organised a tweet-up before and didn’t know who we were.  So, there were 11 of us + 4 kids sitting inside the cafe while the girls were sitting outside thinking no one had turned up.  They were a little overwhelemd when I located them and marched them inside to meet the crew.  Well, it was amusing at the time.  I’m so lucky to have such awesome friends.  You know who you are.  You’ve helped me through some tough times, provided plenty of laughs, celebrated achievements with me, and been generally amazing people – online as well as in real life.

My home is for sale.  My landlord has decided they want to move on.  And so I’m in that kind of nervous, excited space of waiting for the mortgage broker/bank to sort me some finance, the find my own place to buy, and hope it all happens in a logical sequence so I don’t end up homeless, and importantly without a place to work from.  But it’s an exciting time as I can’t wait to be a property owner again and have my own space.  Which also means there will be a house-warming on the cards at some stage.  Watch this space for developments.

And my business is doing well.  I love my job.  I love helping people and I’m fortunate to have some great clients who are keen to partner with me to achieve their health & wellness goals.  I’m seeing clients who are getting great results from the combination of massage treatment along with their own lifestyle changes and stretching/strengthening exercises.  I consider myself privileged to be able to work with them as it requires a great deal of trust and commitment from them.  And if you’re a client and you’re reading this, I would love to get feedback from you that I can publish on my website.  Recommendations help prospective clients identify with the issues I’m currently working with.

And the weather is starting to look better.  It was so warm yesterday I had washing dry in a flash.  I’m looking forward to summer.  I think it will be awesome.

And it’s only 6 weeks til I’m on my way to Bangkok and then to Vietnam for a tour over Christmas.  I’ve blogged about this already. I’m sure that 6 weeks will fly by super fast.  I really excited to be going.

My gorgeous baby sister is happily up-the-duff with her 5th child.  She’s having another boy.  Which means she’s got things out of sync.  Her previous four have been girl-boy-girl-boy, so by that pattern, it should be another girl.  But she’s healthy and happy and making up for my lack of children, so good on her for increasing the number of people available to support me in my old age 😉  It was great to catch up with her on the RWC2011 roadie.  It was brief, but still good.  And Dad cooked.  Which is ALWAYS a bonus.  Check out the pic.  He gets home from a bowls tournament at 4.15pm and this was served at 7pm.  He rocks! I LOVE MY FAMILY!

And finally.  Me.  I rock too. I’m happy, healthy and positive.  I’ve got so much to look forward to and so many people to help me along the way.  And I’m here to help you out too. So 2011 started out pretty shit, but it’s definitely finishing on a high. YAY!


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