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Contrary to my earlier post about change…..

INXS are one of my all time favourite bands.  Back in the 80’s I styled my hair to look like Michael Hutchence.  Sad, but true.  I was gutted when he died.  He was such a talented musician and a charismatic front-man (and in the 80’s I did have a wee crush on him….OK quite a big crush)

But the band have carried on and late last year released a new album “Original Sin” – a compilation of some of their biggest hits, re-recorded in a completely different way with a whole bunch of other vocalists, including Ben Harper and Rob Thomas (who I’d never heard of but he does fantastic version of the single Original Sin)

They also re-recorded a version of “Don’t Change”, which in contrast to my last post, is all about not wanting things to change.  It was one of my favourite songs (here’s more info about it and previous performances of it)  and this version is quite haunting.

Here’s the lyrics… Continue reading


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Shifting the Quake Weight – update #1

It’s been a month since I posted about my Quake Weight and the challenges I (and many other Cantabrians) faced with putting on weight post-earthquake.  (If you haven’t read the post “OK, the Quake Weight has gotta go” – read it first.

It’s been great seeing the post re-tweeted, shared on FB and linked to.  It’s had over 1,000 views. It means that some people have read it, and hopefully some people have taken action.  What’s also been good is the number of people who have asked me how I’m going.  One of the reasons I wanted to go public was to make myself accountable – if other people know what I’ve committed to doing, it’s much harder to hide it.

Now, I haven’t been perfect in following what I said I’d do.  But I’m not beating myself up about it either. But my new gym programme has certainly kicked my ass – quite literally.

I measured my waist today – and I’ve dropped 2cm already.  And I think the change is evident in these pics – less muffin top than a month ago.  So, if you’re still making up excuses for not taking action to improve your fitness/weight/general health – then stop. And just do something!

My stomach 3/5/2011

My stomach 2/6/2011


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