OK, the Quake Weight has gotta go!

Hands up if you’ve put on weight since either the September or February earthquake.


And hands up if you’ve done anything about it.

Yes, but not until last week.

And hands up if you’ve had plenty of reasons why you haven’t done anything yet.

Yup, plenty of reasons, but really, they were just excuses.

And yes, I know there will be a lot of you reading this who know me, saying you yourself “What the fuck is she worried about, she’s skinny anyway”.  Well, my friends it’s all relative and it’s all a matter of how we each feel about our body.  As a massage therapist it’s important that my body is in good physical condition – the burn out rate is pretty high and I don’t want to fall prey to that in a hurry.  Also, with my dodgy (arthritic) hip, I have to keep the muscles around my pelvis strong otherwise my hip aches.  And I’m not getting any younger – it’s the last year before I hit my 40s and I’d quite like to pass for early 30s for a bit longer – vain, yes, but I’m honest. And I got a bit puffed walking 10 minutes to the pub the other day.

So, this is what I looked like in late November last year.  See those abs.  I had a visible six-pack. You could see it when I was standing too, trust me.  And no muffin top.  Also, no visible cellulite on my thighs.

I worked quite hard for those abs.  And those legs, and those arms – and even the boobs were given a bit of a natural lift due to the strengthened pec muscles (true story girls – non-surgical boob job!)

I was at the gym at least 4 times a week, including once with my PT, Gareth, and usually a boxing fitness class or one-on-one non-contact boxing session. (Which reminds me, my boxing gloves are still at the gym where I left them during the earthquake)

And what you can’t see from the pics was my cardio-fitness level.  I could play a whole game of touch rugby (when there were no subs) and not be tired at all.  Or spend a whole day up the mountain snowboarding.  I was fitter, stronger and leaner than I’d been in my whole life.

But the most important thing, was that I actually felt great.

Cue the February earthquake.

  • I started smoking – my excuse – I used it to help keep me chilled out.  Bullshit.
  • I hardly exercised – excuse – my gym is still closed.  I’ve joined another one but it’s not as good my old one.  Bullshit.
  • I was drinking more, up to 4 times a week – excuse – again, it helped me relax and the pub was where my friends met up.  Bullshit.  (I still drank on my own.)
  • I was eating crap food – my excuse – comfort eating? Bullshit.

I knew I’d put on weight, but I put it down to the earthquake. I had plenty of excuses.  It’s Quake Weight. And plenty of you have put it on too.  And plenty of you will have the same excuses as I did.

This is what I look like now. Taken last night.

That my friends is a muffin top.  The bits hanging over the top of my jeans at the side.  No six-pack in sight.  Oh, how Pete Marcroft will laugh if he sees this pic. He took the one on the beach.

Now I had a fitness assessment with my PT, Gareth (AKA The Smiling Assassin, he smiles when I’m hurting), who I’ve seen every week, except for a few holidays for the past 2 years. He’s awesome.  I jumped on the scales.  Bam!! 6.5kg heavier than when he weighed me last year. The heaviest I’ve ever, ever been “How does that make you feel?”, he asked. Me: “Um, fat. Lazy. Old.”  Gareth: “So, what are we going to do about it?” Excellent, so it’s going to be a team effort.  That’s what I like about Gareth.  I’m not on my own.  He’ll be with me to support me.

He also measured all my vital areas and my waist is a whopping 9cm bigger, and my hips/ass is 6cm bigger.  But the worst thing, is that my body fat has gone up over 6%.  And I almost passed out after doing the 5km bike fitness test.

Now some of you may be saying,”But what testing methods did he use?” That doesn’t matter, because he’s been consistent from the start.  And the measurements and photos don’t lie.

So, what am I doing?

Firstly – I’m making it public.  So you know what I’m doing.  What I’m committed to.

  • I’ve stopped smoking.  It’s a stupid fucken habit.  Don’t start is my advice.  I’m just glad I didn’t do it long enough to get addicted.
  • I’ve got a new, inspiring gym programme, tailored to increase fitness, and shed fat. I’ll be doing it 4 times a week and having my PT session on top of that.  And I’ve got an awesome PT who I can be honest with, and who I know will support me (and he’ll come snowboarding with me too – yay)
  • I won’t be drinking 4 times a week.  I will still be going out, but I will reduce how much I drink – 1 pint instead of 2 or 3
  • I’ll be eating better food.  This one is hard to qualify since I used to eat a less than optimal diet even at my best.  But cutting right back on the fried, fatty foods and not eating til I have a food baby (which I’ve done on several occasions – here’s one, and yes, my shorts are undone) will be good starting points.  I bought oats at the supermarket.  It’s porridge time.  Porridge is a great breakfast – it keeps you going for ages.  And keeps you regular (bonus)

And I’ll blog my progress. With pictures.  So I can’t hide.

And for those of you who have realised that you really need to get off your (fatter/lazier) ass and do something might I recommend the following:

  • Anytime Fitness in Beckenham (they call it Cashmere, it’s not really) – one membership for 24/7 access anywhere in the world, it’s new, so brand new equipment too. I’m loving it.  And Anita the owner is an awesome chick 🙂  AND you can train there with Peter or Claudia Kemp of Viva La Fitness who are both awesome.
  • My trainer, Gareth Duder.  He used to work out of Cityfitness Moorhouse, where I used to go.  He’s now based at Anytime Fitness Riccarton. If you want someone who will support you to meet your health & fitness goals, he’s great.
  • I also recommend you check out these other trainers – both have quite different training styles and philosophies, but they are both fantastic with their clients: Spida Hunter of EHP Fitness and Cate Grace of Leap Fitness & Motivation, both in Christchurch.

What are you waiting for?  Get moving and lose that Quake Weight!



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6 responses to “OK, the Quake Weight has gotta go!

  1. I so hear ya! I know I’ve put on a couple of kilos, and become more slothful. It was hard straight after the Feb earthquake to justify expending energy on exercise – I only had so much and used it on stayed upright everyday.

    But three weeks ago I reached the same conclusion – enough already, get back to the gym!

    My commitment is 3 x 6km runs + 2 x gym classes every week. It’s my goal, every week. That’s what I was doing before, and it made me feel happy and energeitc.

    Good on ya Rach for putting it out there (personally I think your roundy tum is cute!)

  2. Megan

    Good on you Rach. I’ve definitely put back on some but luckily not all of the weight I lost last winter doing lots of skiing (about 40 days of club field workout). Must be time for pre season winter training.

    I think I have an excuse this year though (apart from EQ’s) of getting through the massage course!! We’ve lost about five weeks thanks to Feb’s interruption but now have only three weeks of lectures to go. Then it’s time to get stuck back into some serious training.

    To illustrate how much exercise has had to go onto the backburner since we started back post-EQ, I have been on my road bike twice since Feb from home. Yep only twice how slack is that? Normally I’d have been clocking up a few rides each week. I got a couple of week-long trips down south to QT and Wanaka in early March and got some kms in then, but apart from that nothing. Just too much other s**t to do, but hurrah the end is in sight!

  3. Kass

    Early 30’s? Bah. More like late 20’s! And your abs, holy shit! I see you as skinny, which you are, but you’re totally right, it is all relative.

    I look back at photos of myself a few years back, and I get totally depressed, even tho at the time, I thought I was mega fat, I was right where I should have been. Oh sad, so sad lol.

    I know you’ve got the ambition to get back to where you want to be, and good on you for putting it out there and encouraging others to follow your lead.

    I’ll be getting back into my swimming asap!

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