2010 is dead. All hail 2011

OK – so we’re  a week into twenty-eleven already.  Just thought I’d do a quick review of last year. And look forward at the same time.

I was pretty glad to see the back of twenty-ten to be fair.  As I said on my FB status “Looking forward to farewelling 2010. Other than the odd good moment, it was a pretty fucked up year. 2011 is gonna rock!” – several people seemed to agree and the word-on-the-street was many people were thinking along the same lines.

Especially for those of us in the Canterbury area having to contend with “The Big Shake” and it’s aftermath….although it’s still continuing in to 2011 with several decent shakes in the last week. While I got off very lightly in terms of damage, plenty of friends didn’t – both in terms of physical damage to property and mental and emotional damage due to the resulting stress.  I did have problems sleeping – but that was due to the PTSD suffered by my dog, who would stand and whine at the bedroom door every night for several weeks.  But, still I counted myself lucky in the whole scheme of things.  I drove (well passengered) through Kaiapoi the other day…they still have Portaloos in some of the streets.  Four months after.  Sheesh.

Then there was “The Big Breakup”.  The actual breakup wasn’t so bad, in fact it had to happen, needed to happen and should have happened a long time ago.  The actual circumstances were amusing in hindsight – although certainly not at the time for anyone involved. So much of 2010 wasn’t the happiest of my life.  It was the aftermath that sucked – not too dissimilar to the aftershocks really – just not knowing when the next one would hit and what would get damaged.  Even now I need property sold so I’m financial again.  If you know anyone in Auckland who might be interested….please let them know. It’s an awesome place. Moving on. Moving up.

There were some highlights:

  • I completed my massage therapy training and set-up my own practice and have a bunch of great clients.  This year will be a year of growth for me.
  • I rocked Mt Hutt on my snowboard all season – snowboards rather..I got a brand new one near the end of the season…oh and a helmet.  I gained confidence, increased my speed and jumped in the terrain park on my last day up with the kids.  I say kids ‘cos I’m old enough to be mum to many of them.  I will continue to have Friday off work so I can mid-week board over winter.
  • I saw some good rugby – had season tickets to the Super 14 and ITM Cup, saw the AB v Aus test in CHC and went to Dunedin for the final test at the ‘Brook.  I’m already looking forward to the new Super 15 comp and of course, the RWC later in the year.
  • And most importantly I made a lot of new friends, both online and offline…which made moving into my new place – the positive side to a negative – much easier.  You may well be one of those people.

Oh, and I got my awesome new tattoo from Jeremy at Otautahi Tattoo – they rock. Can’t forget that. I nearly did.

I had it touched up just before Christmas so the outline is even crisper than before and some of the colour is more intense. I still love it.

And it certainly gets attention.  Which can be good, and interesting.  Someone licked it in a bar – drunk and wanting to know if it would come off.

It has however made me some kind of public property.  I’ve had my arm grabbed a few times so people can have a better look at it. Which is a bit weird.  Kind of like people wanting to pat the bellies of pregnant women.

So, what will 2011 bring?

Continuing to move forward.  I’ve done my reflecting.  Time to move on. Move up.

I will continue to meet new people and strengthen relationships with new friends.  I’ve really valued the friends I have, both new and old.  So many have been there to support me through some tough times, and I want to always be there for them too….whatever I can offer I will gladly.  I’m so fortunate to have them.

My business will flourish – along with any new ventures I take on. My massage therapy client base will continue to grow. And many of the ideas I’ve had will be put in place and will happen.

I’m teaching a Business Development paper with the NZ College of Chinese Medicine for one of their Bachelor degrees and will continue to teach the Cert. DM with the Marketing Association – this will be my 11th year teaching it.

I will be bigger, stronger, faster – no, not bionic.  I’m just continuing down the path I’ve started in terms of my physical fitness – at this stage, I’m not sure of my specific goals.  I had really hoped to play rugby this year – my last before I’m 40 – but my hip problem will prevent that I think given I can’t really run much.  My kicking is pretty dubious to be fair.  I’ll talk to some people and see what they think.

I’m also keen to box in a corporate/charity boxing match.  I had my name down for the Fight for Youth in November, but they couldn’t find an opponent.  Keen as for this year though.

A new car.  Once the properties are sold/settled and I have some cash I’m getting new wheels.  I’m thinking of a Mazda 3 SP25 – hot little number.  2.5L, 5spd activematic, 17″ alloys. Zippy round town – able to take on the boyracers at the lights…but with enough grunt to get me up the mountain.

There’s plenty to look forward to.  I’m excited.


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