Lawnmowing – a new form of relaxation

Wow.  Now who would have thought lawnmowing could be so relaxing?

After 15 years of having someone else do it, I mowed the lawns at The Phoenix Nest yesterday – and my, what fun.  Seriously. I’d do it again, but there’d be no grass left.

I’m not sure what it was about the experience that was so good….the drone of the mower engine, the satisfaction of the lovely lines I was able to maintain, the slightly intoxicating aroma of the freshly cut grass, or that fact that I was actually mowing it myself.

So this is me ready to go – safety Red Bands on.

This is the back lawn before – looking suspiciously like a clover paddock.

And after. Looking more like a cricket pitch – well sort of.

And halfway through the front lawn – check out those lines!  Am I beginning to sound like I need a life?  Maybe.

Now, I just need the correct equipment for doing the edges, ‘cos I tell ya, secateurs really don’t do a very good job!


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