Selling up my past

In 1996 I became the proud co-owner of my first home.  I’d just turned 24. About the same time I became a full-time step-mum to my partner’s 7-year-old son. And also at the same time, many of my friends from school and university were rarking it up overseas on their OEs.

Actually, the house belonged to my partner and his sister and I bought out her share of the house when she decided to move on.  So most of the stuff in the house wasn’t mine.

And over the ensuing 12 years I put down roots in that house.  Changes were made.  And remade.  The ragrolled paint finish in the lounge that was so “in” during the mid-90’s gave way to more neutral tones.  A whole new level was added on – which a good friend of mine from school was responsible for building during a boom time when builders were hard to pin down.  The gardens were planted and re-planted several times – the last time with the help of a landscape designer even. And a brand spanking new $20K cook’s kitchen was designed and installed.

And Mt Roskill became the new Mt Eden.  As house prices increased closer to town, so did ours.  Just off Dominion Rd, a single stage bus trip to Eden Park (which was our preferred mode of transport to the rugby), in the MRGS school zone, 20 minutes to the airport and 15 minutes to St Lukes shopping centre – it’s ideally located in the heart of suburbia.

And then we moved to Christchurch in 2008 and the house became a rental.

And then 2 months ago it all changed again – and you know the rest.

So – joint property needs to be divided up. The tenants have moved out and the house was today put on the market.

I browsed through the pics of the house on the real estate listing.  And I thought I’d feel some sadness. After all it was my home for 12 years.  But while I put my own touches on it where I could, it never really felt like it was mine.  And so, it’s time to sell the past and continue moving forward.

And so I present to you – 7 Mons Ave, Mt Roskill (aka Three Kings)

The top level is an addition, but built to the same bungalow design as the bottom.

And here’s the master bedroom.  Great view from the little balcony over the city.

I made those drapes too….v. expensive fabric.

And this is the ensuite for the master bedroom.  I can proudly say I painted and tiled the entire room.  It was a long, slow task.  The 400mm floor tiles were extremely heavy and I could only carry two downstairs at a time to cut on the diamond saw.  But the end result of the tiling was quite masterful – if I do say so myself (although numerous others did too!)

And here’s the kitchen.  I also tiled along the benchtop – I love little glass mosaic tiles. The engineered stone benchtop is fantastic – it’s a granite composite but more hard-wearing. What you can’t see from this shot is the huge pull-out pantry, and flash slide-out corner cupboards.  All the doors and drawers have soft-closers – so I could never slam anything!

And the back – with a big deck extending to the right of the photo, with french doors from the lounge/dining area. And I can just make out the cat door I installed in the fence to the left (just in the shadow).  Dad and I built that fence to replace the broken trellis fence.  I put the cat door in so she didn’t have to walk all the way down the driveway to get through to the neighbour’s.

So, here’s the link from the Unlimited Potential Real Estate website.  If you know anyone in Auckland who might be interested, I’d be grateful if you could share the link with them – and just so you know, maybe $650K?  Time will tell.


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