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I’m over Christmas

There’s no tree at my house, no decorations (actually I bought decoration and decided against putting them up), and there’s certainly no f*cken Christmas carols.

This year has been a big year for many of us, in many ways.

The earthquake threw a monumental spanner in the proverbial works for so many around Christchurch. Many are still feeling the effects of the economy.  A lot of people have had a rough time at work  for various reason.  And there’s been fair amount of personal challenges for some – me included.

And then there’s all the pressure of Christmas.  The presents, the rush and the stress.  Of course for many there’s all the drama of the big family gathering.  For some, it’s a delightful occasion, spending quality time with loved ones.  For many though, it’s too much booze, bad/innapropriate/useless presents, screaming kids, ridiculous amounts of food and way too much chocolate resulting in arguments, unhealthy blood pressure increases and a desperate desire to get away from it all.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a Christmas grinch.  I’ve always loved Christmas and always spent far too much money buying loads of presents, mostly for the kids in my family.

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Lawnmowing – a new form of relaxation

Wow.  Now who would have thought lawnmowing could be so relaxing?

After 15 years of having someone else do it, I mowed the lawns at The Phoenix Nest yesterday – and my, what fun.  Seriously. I’d do it again, but there’d be no grass left.

I’m not sure what it was about the experience that was so good….the drone of the mower engine, the satisfaction of the lovely lines I was able to maintain, the slightly intoxicating aroma of the freshly cut grass, or that fact that I was actually mowing it myself.

So this is me ready to go – safety Red Bands on.

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Selling up my past

In 1996 I became the proud co-owner of my first home.  I’d just turned 24. About the same time I became a full-time step-mum to my partner’s 7-year-old son. And also at the same time, many of my friends from school and university were rarking it up overseas on their OEs.

Actually, the house belonged to my partner and his sister and I bought out her share of the house when she decided to move on.  So most of the stuff in the house wasn’t mine.

And over the ensuing 12 years I put down roots in that house.  Changes were made.  And remade.  The ragrolled paint finish in the lounge that was so “in” during the mid-90’s gave way to more neutral tones.  A whole new level was added on – which a good friend of mine from school was responsible for building during a boom time when builders were hard to pin down.  The gardens were planted and re-planted several times – the last time with the help of a landscape designer even. And a brand spanking new $20K cook’s kitchen was designed and installed.

And Mt Roskill became the new Mt Eden.  As house prices increased closer to town, so did ours.  Just off Dominion Rd, a single stage bus trip to Eden Park (which was our preferred mode of transport to the rugby), in the MRGS school zone, 20 minutes to the airport and 15 minutes to St Lukes shopping centre – it’s ideally located in the heart of suburbia.

And then we moved to Christchurch in 2008 and the house became a rental.

And then 2 months ago it all changed again – and you know the rest.

So – joint property needs to be divided up. The tenants have moved out and the house was today put on the market.

I browsed through the pics of the house on the real estate listing.  And I thought I’d feel some sadness. After all it was my home for 12 years.  But while I put my own touches on it where I could, it never really felt like it was mine.  And so, it’s time to sell the past and continue moving forward.

And so I present to you – 7 Mons Ave, Mt Roskill (aka Three Kings)

The top level is an addition, but built to the same bungalow design as the bottom.

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Post tweetup post

I’m currently supervising an exam, and since I’m a woman I can multi-task, and type at the same.  I was a full-time step-mum for 12 or so years, and we all know that mums have special peripheral vision powers – so I can also see if anyone tries to cheat while still looking at my screen.

I just wanted to acknowledge @chiefie – Kelvin – for organising last night’s Tweetup.  It was awesome to meet more of my imaginary Twitter friends (see my previous post on that)

Here’s some of @chiefie’s pics from the day.

And some of @ripvanwrinkles pics

If you took any pics – feel free to link them in a comment.  I’d love to see them!

For those of you who I met for the first time in person last night, who happen to read this – it was a pleasure and I hope we can do it again!

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Honesty is the best policy – or is it?

We’re taught from a young age to always tell the truth.

And I used to preach to my step-son about honesty.  Lies and coverups get found out eventually and the consequences will always be worse.

But is not revealing the truth the same as telling a lie?

To clarify, is it better to be completely honest and upfront about something – or are there times when withholding the truth is the best way to deal with it and protect someone else?

What a dilemma.


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