The phoenix is now nesting

So, I’ve spent 2 nights here in my new place, and I’m just loving it.

It feels like home already.  There’s just a shitload more sorting to do.  Just finding places for everything.  I’ve still managed to accumulate a fair amount of crap to be fair.

But the kitchen is pretty much set-up – and I’ve done a bit of shopping to fill up the pantry and fridge.  I even made toasted muesli last night.  And yoghurt, just need to chill the yoghurt before having it, but the muesli is very yummy.


8C wholemeal oats
200g hazelnuts – I smashed them up a bit with the rolling pin
100g sliced almonds – could use whole almonds, and smash ’em too
200g sunflower seeds
80g pumpkin seeds
100g shredded coconut – don’t use dessicated – it’ll be too small
Put all this in a large roasting pan.

Then about 1/2C oil – I used rice bran – needs to have low smell/taste and about 4-5Tbsp of runny honey – in a pot to heat up.

Pour the oil/honey over the other ingredients and mix it up well.

In a pre-heated oven 130deg C…….for I dunno – about 40 minutes?  You need to check it and stir it up regularly. Just so it’s toasted – not charred!

While that’s toasting, chop up the fruit – or buy pre-chopped fruit.  Whatever takes your fancy – but I’d guess you’d need something like 500g of fruit.  I used: dried apple, pineapple and apricots, a pack of “Mother Earth Super Fruits” – cranberries, cherries and blueberries, and raisins….I think that’s it.

Once the toasting is done, cool it all down, then mix in the fruit and store it in an airtight container.  Serve with fresh, unsweetened yoghurt (Greek is good) and a swirl of runny honey – yum!!!

It’s nice having these kinds of comforts.

I had my first client in yesterday.  The office is still a mess, so thankfully the client is a friend, so was understanding of the situation.  But the room has a nice feel to it now, and will be great to work from.

I just need to go and visit the neighbours while I’m in uniform (I have branded shorts and shirts) to explain what I do.  Otherwise they’ll be wondering what the hell I’m doing when random people rock up several times a day and leave an hour later!

The cat is here with me now.  She’s driving me nuts as I’ve got to keep her inside for a couple of days just to adjust to the new surroundings.  She talks a lot.  A lot.  And keeps getting in my face.

Oh, and I fed the chooks stale wasabi peas.  Not sure if that’s good for them or not.  But they ate them. I need to spend a little more time bonding with them.  And they’ve got names: Lucy (she’s the lighter coloured one) and Greta.  There’s no amusing story behind their names.  I was just looking out the window at them and decided they needed names.

And my first house guest arrives sometime this week.  So, need to make sure the office is sorted, since that doubles as the guest room.  And get the window frosting sorted so I’m not flashing the neighbours in the shower.

Best I get started then eh?



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3 responses to “The phoenix is now nesting

  1. John Collis

    Sounds good. I’m really glad you’re beginning to feel at home. Well done! Like the sound of the Muesli recipe too! 🙂

  2. Nice one! Enjoy the new place.

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