Be true to yourself – thanks Duchess Swift

I picked up the keys to my new place today – from now it’ll be known as The Phoenix Nest.

As I unlocked the front door and walked into the empty house, a strange  sort of peacefulness swept over me.  That might sound a bit weird, but that’s the only way I can describe it.  It was very calming.

It’s only a rental, but it’s my new home and I’ll be doing what I can to make it “mine” until I decide to buy again.

And that starts by painting the front room, which will be the new massage clinic room.  It’s currently blue.  Kind of like pale swimming pool blue.  Dislike.  The owner is happy for me to paint it Resene “Half Tea” – a rather boring, but very neutral shade.

I’d brought my iPod speakers with me, so I had sounds to paint with.  And before I did anything to the place (other than put beer in the fridge), I played a song I first heard last week, and danced like a mad thing throughout the house. If any of the neighbours saw me through the windows they’ll be worried they’ve got a mad-woman moving in.

The lyrics start:

“You get to
Be yourself and
Lose yourself and
Find yourself
Be true to yourself”

So, given what’s going on in my life, it’s a perfect song to dance to!

It’s by a local band, Duchess Swift – the lead vocalist, Kerry, is a very cool chick.  You can download the song I was dancing to, “Note to Self” for free.  Here’s the vid too, it’s a pretty catchy beat, don’t you think?  Thank you Kerry, for your fabulous music.  It will be played at my housewarming next weekend.

And, yes, the painting is all done.  My friend Lesley came and helped out a bit.

Here’s a before shot.  It was too dark to take a decent shot when I’d finished. I’ll post that up tomorrow, or the next day.

It was very blue.  Like I said, swimming pool blue.  But now it’s not.

I can’t wait til tomorrow. And moving really starts.


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