So, I get the keys to the new place tomorrow…

I’m excited.  Fresh start, new beginnings, the chance to refocus and do things my way.

On the other hand, I’m a little sad to be leaving behind 15 years of stuff and memories.  Like I said, they haven’t all been bad.  In fact, I spent a while looking through old photo albums tonight.  Yes, I was supposed to be packing.  And yes, real photos, taken with a film camera.  They had that back in my day.

I was a young and innocent (ahem, *cough*!) 23 year old in the first photo album.  As I browsed through the albums the hairstyles changed dramatically – from shoulder-length, to cropped/boy style, to waist length, wavy, straight, spiky.  The clothing even more so – WTF did I actually go out in some of those get-ups!  (Don’t think photos will be posted up here!)

There were pics of my mum, who passed away in 2003.  I miss her so much too.  And I know she’d be worried about me right now.  In fact, I think she’d probably be here helping me pack.  Wish I’d inherited her focused, methodical approach to packing.  Mine is shit.

Anyway – there were so many photos of the places we’d been, and things we did….although mostly around NZ.  While my friends did their OE’s I was in Auckland, with a partner, step-son, house and moderate mortgage.  But, there were lots of fun times.

I’ll remember the fun times.  It’s much easier than thinking about the not-so-fun times.   And as I looked back through the photo albums I remembered there were actually a lot of fun times, but it’s all been so hazy lately to be honest.  I was actually quite surprised at all the photos of me smiling.    Although photos taken of me very recently also show me smiling…lots.  Or grinning like an idiot 🙂

But, never-the-less, I get the keys to my new place tomorrow morning.  The fridge will be switched on, and beer placed in it.  Just because I can.  And tomorrow afternoon I start painting the room which will be my massage clinic room.  Blue is just not right for massage.  My first client is booked in on Monday, so that should give me plenty of time to get it painted and aired out.

And and I may or may not stay there on Saturday night.  It depends how things pan out with the rest of the packing.  I’ll have the new sofa bed in there then (Thanks @kalena, you rock!), with the rest of the stuff moving on Sunday.

And housewarming next Saturday.  If you’re keen to come along, drop me a line via FB/Twitter and I’ll give you the details.

….must do more packing.  And get some sleep.


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