Packing, packing, packing

Actually, I’m so easily distracted that I’m now writing another post.

But I’ve started packing – just need to get some more boxes tomorrow. I’ve sorted out all the serving platters/bowls/glassware I’m taking.  And which part of the liquor cabinet – all the vodka, the Cointreau (with hot chocolate – you’ve got to try it – divine), Kahlua, Bailey’s, Midori (so I can offer you a “Quick Fuck” – that’s a shot of Midori with Bailey’s floated over it…mmmm) and half the wine.  If you are reading this and travel overseas regularly, please let me know so you can help me top up with duty free – I’ll pay you of course, just need you to get it for me!  I need scotch, tequila, bourbon and rum. I don’t drink it all, just like to have it available for guests.

I’ve already ditched 4 massive rubbish bags of clothes, both from my wardrobe and from boxes in the garage that I kept “just in case” – of what, I’m not so sure.   The Sallies will be happy people.  I think I’ve managed to cull my wardrobe hanging requirements from 3.3m to about 2m  So should be able to get away from just a couple of freestanding racks. Luckily I’m taking BOTH sets of drawers from the bedroom here, so I’ve got plenty of room for the clothes I am keeping/can’t bear to part with.  That means I can probably colour code my t-shirts….light ones in one drawer, dark ones in another.

I now have to sort out power, phone/broadband (or maybe no phone, maybe Naked broadband?), redirect my mail.

Oh – and if anyone has tips on how to get chooks suffering from what I can only assume is PTSD as they stopped laying after the big one, that’d be great.  I’m inheriting 3 chooks from the owner and I want eggs, or I will be making chicken soup.

And if you have anything you can help me with on my list – or know of someone who can….I’d really appreciate it.  I’ve had some fabulous offers so far and have ticked off a few items – gifts, contras and cash…everything helps!


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  1. Hey, can get you some boxes if you don’t already have a source – all sizes & shapes, if you want to drop into my work & grab them? Let me know and I’ll txt you the address 🙂

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